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The Day of Catalonia (Festa Nacional de Catalunya or La Diada), also known as the National Day of Catalonia, marks the anniversary of the Bourbon forces’ recapture of Barcelona, which occurred on September 11, 1714. This historical event marked the end of the siege of Barcelona in the War of the Spanish Succession. A public holiday is annually designated for this historic event in Barcelona, on September 11.

During La Diada on 11th September 2013, a 400km long human chain with 1.6 million people holding hands from north to south of the country was formed in support of Catalan independence. The Via Catalana chain for change is a peaceful civil protest is organised by the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) This demonstration is inspired by the ‘Baltic Way’ of 23rd of August 1989 when two million people formed a 670 km-long human chain crossing Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to support independence from the Soviet Union.

  • Date: 2013
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