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Shunt is a collective of artists creating and curating live performance in unusual locations within London. The Shunt Lounge was a project by Shunt from September 2006 to July 2010. It was a night-time art space, bar and club in a labyrinth of railway arches under London Bridge station in London. For the price of entry the public could enjoy for free a huge diversity of experimental performance, art, music, sculpture, talks, film, installation, puppetry, plays, exhibitions, interventions, which changed every week. The Shunt Lounge was open from Wednesdays to Sundays every week. It was technically managed by Andrea Salazar and supported by George Tomlinson.

The Shunt Lounge was designed as a break that would give the company a time to catch their breath but not completely give them a hiatus. The Lounge created some controversy in the theatre world because it can be described as an unusual bar, rather than a show. Attendees enter through a service door near the London Bridge Station and go through a series of tunnels and corridors that have pieces of past sets and dressings. Also in the corridor there can be found films, performance and art that differ from week to week. The crowd has the freedom to explore anywhere in the tunnels and, hopefully, end up at a bar, where there is music, and time to socialize. Twitchin says, “It’s not advertised, there are no reviews, you pay to come into the space… and then you have access to everything for free. So, whether it’s Stationhouse Opera trying something out, or an opportunity to tattoo bananas, there’s no prior judgment. That’s important where artists are experimenting with an idea”.

  • Date: June 2009
  • Client: Shunt Events
  • Filed under: Photography